Business Integrity Commission (BIC) Results

Subject Area: Public Safety and Access to Justice Deputy Mayor: Operations Agency Personnel Count: 90 Agency Budget: $9 million Mission: The Business Integrity Commission (BIC) regulates and monitors the trade waste hauling industry and the wholesalers and businesses operating in the City’s public wholesale markets, and ensures the integrity of businesses in these industries. Through vigorous background investigations of license and registration applications, the establishment of standards for services and conduct of business, and long-term criminal investigations, BIC carries out its mandate to make certain that these regulated industries and businesses remain free of organized crime and other forms of corruption. BIC protects New York City consumers by ensuring that businesses in certain industries and markets act in an honest manner. By fostering an open marketplace, BIC ensures that businesses in those industries and markets are protected from unfair competition. BIC also has the authority to regulate the shipboard gambling industry, although that industry currently does not operate in New York City.

BIC Newly Identified Datasets (see also 2018 Open Data Plan)

Dataset Name
Dataset Description
Release Date
Denied TW and Wholesale Market Companies
List of Trade Waste and Wholesale Market Companies that were denied to receive a license by BIC
December 17, 2018
Complaints / Inquiries
The dataset contains information on all complaints/inquiries BIC received
December 17, 2018
Licensees and Registrants Fleet Information
The dataset contains information about the trucks of BIC licensees and registrants
December 17, 2018
BIC issued violations
BIC issued violations for companies in the trade waste industry
December 17, 2018
Trade Waste Hauler Licensees* (new fields)
The following companies have been issued trade waste removal licenses by the Business Integrity Commission and, therefore, are authorized to collect and remove all types of trade waste covered by Local Law 42 of 1996.
*The BIC will add three additional fields to the Trade Waste Hauler Licensees dataset, which is already on the Open Data Portal:
  • “Commercial Recycling Authorization”: List of BIC-licensed private carters with the information if they were authorized by BIC to perform single-stream, co-collection or source-separated recycling collection
  • “Commercial Organic Waste”: List of BIC-licensed private carters that collect and dispose of organic waste from commercial establishments
  • “Waste hauling applications approved - New and Renewal”: New and renewal trade waste applications that were approved by BIC
December 17, 2018